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State Scientific-Research Control Institute of veterinary medicinal products and feed additives Test Centre (TC) accredited by National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine in accordance the requirements of SSTU ISO/IEC 17025-2006 for technical competence and independence – Certificate of accreditation № 2Н461 of July 24, 2015. The NAAU is a full member of the International Association of Laboratory Accreditation (ILAC) and a signatory to the agreement ILACMRA, as indicated in the Сertificate of accreditation.

PCR method, organoleptic, physical and chemical, ELISA, microbiological, mycological, toxicological trials of products of plant and animal origin, feed, premixes, feed additives, veterinary medicinal products, used in veterinary medicine practice and livestock are stated in the field of accreditation of SCIVP of veterinary medicinal products and feed additives Test Centre.

Head of Test Centre Veluchko V. О.
Head of Quality of Test Centre Ruvak G. P.
Deputy-director of SCIVP quality testing    Yanovuch D.V.
Deputy-Head of Test Centre Levutsky Т. R.
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